Our Specialties

The Spherical Business Model

– Adapting Business Model Process Innovation.
– Establish evolving, forward thinking cultures.

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Realities, Predictive Analytics and Process Innovation

– High Level Conceptual Business Integration

Innovating Consumer/Social Technologies

– Understanding daily regional and cultural integration most take for granted
– Emerging behavior associated with these emerging technologies, continually integrating within business

Enterprise Integration & Emerging Innovation Technology Strategies

– Unstructured Data Integration from global social and consumer search technology innovations
– Resulting emerging behavioral, project, knowledge and targeted business driven application sets across regions

Competitive Strategy

– How do local and global industries and global clients capitalize off the emerging technology vendors strategies?
– How to best shape competitive strategy to position industries moving forward.
– How do businesses of the future and resulting client interactions look, what is the emerging technology business strategy, and what are the resulting innovation driven initiatives?



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