Our Specialties

The Spherical Business Model

– Adapting Business Model Process Innovation.

Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Process Innovation

– High Level Conceptual Business Integration

Innovating Consumer/Social Technologies

– Understanding daily regional and cultural integration most take for granted
– Emerging behavior associated with these emerging technologies, continually integrating within business

Enterprise Integration & Emerging Innovation Technology Strategies

– Unstructured Data Integration from global social and consumer search technology innovations
– Resulting emerging behavioral, project, knowledge and targeted business driven application sets across regions

Competitive Strategy

– How do local and global industries and global clients capitalize off the emerging technology vendors strategies?
– How to best shape competitive strategy to position industries moving forward.
– How do businesses of the future and resulting client interactions look, what is the emerging technology business strategy, and what are the resulting innovation driven initiatives?


Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Process Innovation & Social/Consumer Business Integration

– Focusing on Spherical Business Models through Process Innovations leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Consumer Social Solutions.

– Focus on global impacts of Big/Small Data Analytics and consumer to business integration.

– Focus on small to global industries leveraging these concepts for their customers and how industries can best prepare to leverage with their clients.

– Integrate the evolving global competitive strategy ramifications, the emerging innovation & integration potentials from consumer search and social media technologies to business driven initiatives.

– Establish the resulting structured/unstructured information management and emerging technology strategies to capitalize as these trends continue moving forward.

– Establish evolving, forward thinking cultures.



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