Reference Articles

Reference Articles and Interviews

– The Law Society Gazette: BOOK REVIEW: The Sherlock Syndrome: Strategic success through big data and the Darwinian disruption by Joanna Goodman

– Association of Legal Administrators: Law Firms of the Future: Driving Intranet Evolution with Google+ ** by Eric Hunter, Director of Knowledge, Innovation & Technology Strategies, Bradford & Barthel, LLP

WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS INTEGRATION WITHIN LAW FIRMS, and where is it now? What approach does today’s law firm need to take to stay innovative, ahead of the curve and optimize its operations to better serve and stay one step ahead of its clients? Click to readLaw Firms of the Future: Driving Intranet Evolution with Google.”

– Legal IT Insider: Accelerating account and project management through minimal IT footprint ** Guest article by Eric Hunter

While recently speaking at the LawTech Futures event in London, I heard a futurist give a fascinating perspective on how we are evolving from the economics of scarcity to the economics of ubiquity…basically having easy access to everything! If we indeed have unlimited access, thanks to Google for information, Facebook for interpersonal connections and cloud deployments for collaboration, we should be open to exploring creative and social ways (think in terms of spheres as opposed to ‘top to bottom’ lines) to organize our attorneys into teams and deliver better client service. Click to readAccelerating account and project management through minimal IT footprint.”


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